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  • International Cooperations

    Sino-US cooperations

    At the grounding breaking ceremony on April 9th, 2011.
    Mr. ScottS.Sindelar of Agricultural Department Counsellor of the U.S. Embassy in China gave an opening speech and congratulate BGG in adopting farm design from North America. Chifeng government officials – Secretary all came and celebrated the establishment of the 1st breeding farm in Chifeng.

    Canada-Sino Cooperations

    During the 5th Canada-Sino Trade Cooperation Symposium, BGG signed a purchase agreement with Genesus on Feb 9th, 2012. This event was witnessed by Canadian Premier Mr. Stephen Harper、 Minister of Agriculture of Canada Mr. GerryRitz、Mayor of Songshan District, Chifeng City Mr. Xia Guohua and Shareholder and vice President of Genesus Canada Mr. Mike Van Schepdael.

    Experts seminars

    BGG hosted numerous seminars across China by inviting experts from Canada, Taiwan research institutions, topics including genetic breeding, biosecurity, decease control; promoting many discussions.

    Finance Forum
    Nucleus Breeding Farm

    On Sept 8th 2018, during the Finance Forum hosted by BGG, we announced the investment by Substance Capital of Hong Kong. With the funding, BGG can create the largest wholly owned breeding farm in China and Asia. With further progress in breeding technology, BGG can fill the demand of breeding pigs in China, lessen the dependence of foreign import.

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